So I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately.

Doesn’t feel like many things are going right. Or do we blame it on the haze that things look fuzzy now 😦

I’ve been feeling frustrated; mostly at myself. I questioned if I had grown.

Whether my progress at pole was fast enough. Or at least, acceptable in my standards. I started asking if I had talent in this. Did I work hard enough? I thought that as long as I kept going, I’d get better. I do, but not as good as I thought I’d be.

The earlier terms were fun. This term (Term 5) seemed like a struggle. My sis and I had decided to move on from Easy to Intermediate, and this term we have two routines to get used to. Firstly, the tricks are harder and I keep injuring myself (improper techniques) and the more I try, the more frustrated I get. It’s mixed with disappointment and anger. It feels like I’ve stagnated. Often, I thought I had put in effort.

Right now, I’m just trying to persist. I would like to practise more (but it hurts).

I’m forcing myself to take one step at a time, believing that one day I would get there.

How Do You Choose To Live Your Life?

I’ve been contemplating on getting a “Carpe Diem” tattoo just because it’s cooler than #YOLO… but people around me are warning me that I can’t grow fat or else it’d look stretched. Since I’m so prone to gaining weight, I’ve been hesitating for a while…

Why Carpe Diem/#YOLO? It’s something I definitely live by… Everyday, I ask myself whether I’m taking action towards the life that I want, whether I’m living in the present and whether I’m loving and kind. Continue reading

Important Question in Life: How Do You Choose To Suffer?

Food for Thought Friday

People want to start their own business or become financially independent. But you don’t end up a successful entrepreneur unless you find a way to appreciate the risk, the uncertainty, the repeated failures, and working insane hours on something you have no idea whether will be successful or not. You can’t win if you don’t play.

If you find yourself wanting something month after month, year after year, yet nothing happens and you never come any closer to it, then maybe what you actually want is a fantasy, an idealization, an image and a false promise. Maybe what you want isn’t what you want, you just enjoy wanting. Maybe you don’t actually want it at all.

Sometimes I ask people, “How do you choose to suffer?”
What is the pain that you want to sustain? That answer will actually get you somewhere. It’s the question that can change your life. It’s what makes me me and you you. It’s what defines us and separates us and ultimately brings us together.

I wanted the reward and not the struggle. I wanted the result and not the process. I was in love not with the fight but only the victory. And life doesn’t work that way.

This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes. So choose your struggles wisely, my friend.

Source: The Most Important Question of Your Life, Mark Manson

Ladies Parkour Singapore

I’ve had dreams where I’m running away from something (don’t know what) and I am as agile as a ninja, jumping across big gaps and moving so swiftly. but if you know me in reality… I’m actually the infamous couch potato who has trouble getting out of the chair… I’m really impressed by those stunts we see in action movies and I really want to become a more active person in general.

Parkour is one of the activities that I found interesting, but I didn’t want to join a group of teenage boys and make them feel weird with the presence of an older lady. Thankfully, through search I found A2 Movements that had classes for ladies (and kids too!) so I can save myself from much potential embarrassment….

Can anyone do parkour? In my class, we have two ladies in their 40s and one trying to lose weight. So I think as long as you’re able to move, parkour is a sport worth exploring no matter what your age is.

Below are some clips that our instructor, Chi Ying, took of us performing what we learned… Every lesson we warm up, do some conditioning and focus on one or two tricks.


Step vaults and lazy vaults.


Muscle-up and demount to cat hang, but cat hangs are tough. I can’t seem to hang without injuring my fingers… Think I’m too afraid of falling 🙂


Aftermath is not pretty…


Side Sapiens are part of conditioning.


Balancing on the bar looks easier than it is! It actually takes a lot of focus and effort to balance. I was most of the time pretty shaky…


Tictacs look really cool!


I need more flow~!

Update: They have their own training facility ‘Free Runner Lodge’ located at​ Oxley Bizhub 1! Check out A2Movement’s site for more info 🙂

Can You Make Money From A Mobile App?

Do you have a mobile app idea in your mind that you strongly believe will take off and go viral? Before you feel very confident your product will take over the world by storm, firstly make sure you have your numbers right.

“There’s an app for that”

Ever since the first apps were introduced on smartphones in 2008, it has changed our lives forever. Fast forward to six years later in 2014, we’ve now a library of over one million apps. Whatever idea you can think of, it has probably already been done. Maybe not in your locale, but somebody elsewhere might have already done and executed it. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t. Continue reading

Please let me sleep

Not being able to sleep can be very frustrating.

I dozed off at 10pm thinking I was exhausted and would be having a good night’s rest… but instead I woke up at 1am hoping it was at least about 4am when I’ve gotten six hours worth of sleep.

What’s keeping me awake? I honestly have no clue. but I like my quiet mornings where everyone is still sound asleep and I have time to myself to do things I want without being interrupted. In this case, it’s taking time to write about my thoughts to clear my mind. I comfort myself by thinking that successful CEOs are early birds who get up really early, if BusinessInsider is right about that. Continue reading